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ONE equestrian offers various products to protect your horse in many different ways. These products are super versatile and offer solutions to numerous problems. A real essential for every equestrian! In this blog, we will tell you all about the many ways to use ONE Wrap, also known as vetwrap. For your horse, at the stable, or even for yourself!

ONE WRAP for your horse

ONE Wrap is a self-adhesive bandaging tape, which is normally used for compression or support. The tape is strong, comfortable, and easy to use due to its elasticity. This wrap is perfect for wrapping difficult areas like the hoof or knee.

Hold dressings in place

ONE Wrap is commonly used to hold dressings in place, for example, when a horse is injured or when you don’t want any dirt to get into a wound. Every horse-owner must have had a horse that loves to be turned out. If they happen to have a wound, you’d rather not put them on box rest. ONE Wrap is the perfect solution! You can dress the wound and hold the dressing in place with vetwrap. Due to the vetwrap’s elasticity, your horse can move freely and no filth of sand can get into the wound. Happy horse, happy rider.

Wrap around tack

But, you can use this product in many other ways as well. For example to wrap around a (rope) noseband or the noseband of a (combi)hackamore. Sometimes a regular noseband is too soft, but a rope noseband is a little too harsh. ONE Wrap comes to the rescue! When you wrap the ONE wrap around a noseband, the noseband becomes softer and therefore a bit friendlier. And you can easily remove this if you have to use the noseband on another horse.

Riding without a curb chain guard is not allowed. But what will you do if your curb chain guard suddenly breaks, just before you have to enter the show ring? If you have ONE Wrap, this problem can easily be solved! Use ONE wrap to wrap around the curb chain a few times. This way the curb chain is protected and softer for your horse, and you are allowed to ride!

Wrap around tail

Nothing’s worse than than when you want your horse’s tail to grow long and thick, but your horse rubs its tail on the trailer or in the stable. Sometimes a tail guard is too loose and will not stay in place. Then, you can use ONE wrap to cover the tailbone. You can wrap this around the tail as tight as you want, but keep in mind to not wrap it too tight. Vetwrap will easily stay in place and protect the tail.

When you are going to a show, you can fold the bottom of the tail up and include it in the wrap, to ensure the tail stays clean until you get to the show. You can also wrap the tail of a pregnant mare with vetwrap when she is about to foal, so it doesn’t get in the way of the birthing process.

ONE Wrap for you or for the stable

Besides for horses, ONE wrap can be used on people as well. When you have a wound yourself, you could use ONE wrap to dress this wound as well. This is comfortable and easy to use. Also when you’ve injured yourself, ONE wrap could be very helpful. When you don’t have kinesio-tape, you could use vetwrap to support your joints a little extra.

Fix utilities

Around the stables vetwrap can be of great use as well. Nothing is more annoying than getting splinters while sweeping, or when the broom is slippery. With ONE wrap, you can fix the handle of a broom or reek to avoid splinters or help with grip. But also when your broom is broken, ONE wrap could come in handy. Wrap it around the bottom of the stem before sticking it back into the broom to make sure it will not come out again afterwards. Because a broom without a stem is a bit difficult to sweep with 😉

During winter, it is not that much fun to drag around buckets of water. Especially when the metal handles get cold, or when the bucket is so heavy that the handle cuts into your hands. But, ONE wrap solves these problems! Use it to cover the top of a bucket handle, so it will not cut into your hand while carrying a bucket full of water. And when it’s ice cold during winter, the vetwrap will keep your hand a little warmer while carrying a bucket as well. Multi-functional!

Lastly, when your horse manages to open up his blanket time and time again, you can use ONE wrap to cover the buckles of the blanket. This way your horse will not be able to open them up anymore.

ONE wrap is available in black, in a size of 10cm x 4,5m.

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