Discover the ONE Bucket

The brand new ONE Bucket is super practical for equestrians due to its innovative characteristics, and it is 100% safe for your horse. A true must-have for everyone who loves high-quality products and spends a lot of time around horses. Discover all possibilities in this video!

The ultimate bucket

The ONE Bucket is developed by equestrians, for equestrians. All different well-thought-through characteristics make this bucket super user-friendly and safe around horses. For example, the fact that the bucket is made out of strong, recycled plastic. 

Environmentally friendly & 100% safe

The ONE Bucket is fully made out of recycled plastic corks. Therefore, the material of this bucket is extremely strong and thus ideal to use around horses. The ONE Bucket is not only environmentally friendly but also 100% safe for your horse. Buckets can sometimes be very dangerous for horses, due to sharp edges or corners. On the ONE Bucket, corners are rounded, and edges are covered in plastic, so both you and your horse cannot hurt themselves. 

Always stable

Thanks to the flat backside, the bucket will still be stable when hung up. This makes this bucket perfect for horses to eat and drink out of. Additionally, the top of the handle is slightly bent, to make sure the bucket stays in the middle when you hang it with a rope or clip. 

Comfortably eating and drinking

The front of the bucket is slightly rounded downwards, to make sure horses can easily eat or drink out of the bucket. The ONE Bucket also contains measurement stripes on the inside, this way you can easily see how many liters are still inside the bucket. Perfect when you are trying to keep track of how much your horse drinks. 

A true help

The rider’s comfort was kept in mind as well. Thanks to the handy grip on the bottom of the bucket, pouring from a bucket has never been easier. You won’t lose grip with this bucket. Additionally, the top of the metal handle is flat, to prevent it from cutting into your hand when carrying a full bucket of water. Lastly, the bottom of the bucket has a slightly bent support surface, so you can easily balance the bucket on your knee. 

Easily stackable

The ONE Bucket does not create a vacuum when stacked. This makes these buckets easy to stack and separate. Additionally, thanks to the innovative design, airflow is not compromised when stacked, which prevents mold from developing in the bottom buckets. 


The metal handle of this bucket is bent, so you can easily clamp a water hose underneath. This way, you don’t have to hold the hose when your bucket is filling up so you can efficiently use your time. 

The golden duo

The ONE equestrian stable hanger is a true must-have around the stables. This nylon holder is perfect for, for example, hanging the ONE Bucket, but also for other stable accessories. Think of kick pads, a stable curtain, rugs, or to secure things in the truck. Because of the ring, it is possible to use this hanger on bars of almost every thickness. Perfect for at home, but also at multi-day competitions!

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