10 musthaves at the stables of multi-day shows

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Each year several multi-day and internationals shows are organized. When you have competed during these shows, you know that a lot of preparations precede the participation of such shows. You don’t want to realise you forgot anything when you arrive at the show. Mostly these shows are quite far and it’s not possible to quickly travel back home. These 10 ONE musthaves should definitely be on your packing list, so you have everything you need at the stables!

  1. After riding you might want to clean your saddle or maybe you have to use it on another horse in a few minutes. When that’s the case, you don’t want to put your saddle back in your tack locker. It would be easier to be able to hang it, so you can easily access it later. The ONE saddle rack is the perfect solution! This luxury wooden saddle rack can easily be hung up to the stables and fits two saddles.
  2. You don’t want your bridles and halters lying around either, so you can hang them on the ONE bridle rack. This hanger is made out of luxury wood as well and includes five hooks. This rack is multi-functional, since it’s also possible to hang for example your showjacket or helmet bag on the rack when you don’t need it. And the best thing: your stables will look super stylish with these wooden items.
  3. After use, it’s important to clean your tack. Nothing is this can easily be done with the ONE spunge duo. These spunges are designed especially for cleaning tack.
  4. When cleaning your tack, it’s easy if it does not hang against the wall. Hang it on the ONE tack hook and tack hook holder to easily clean, dry and move your tack.
  5. Many riders bring a tack locker to store their equipment, but not everyone owns a locker that fits everything. Therefore, you can store some of your gear in the ONE groomingbox. This groomingbox fits in perfectly with the saddle and bridle rack as well, and makes your stables look awesome.
  6. Of course a grooming box must be filled, for instance with brushes to clean your horse. The ONE brushes are lightweight and easy to hold. Available in medium, soft and super soft. The perfect brushes for when you have to brush multiple horses during the day.
  7. What’s better than resting in a ONE director’s chair in between classes? This chair is foldable and therefore easy to bring to the shows. The seat and back are available in many different colors so they can match with all your other equipment. And even better: it is possible to have your name embroidered on the back rest.
  8. The ONE bucket is indispensable at shows as well. This bucket fills multiple purposes; it can be used as a feeding or drinking bucket since it is fully safe for your horse, but you can use while washing your horse as well. Made of recycled and unbreakable plastic, with a handy handgrip on the bottom for easy pouring and a clamp for a water hose. This bucket can easily be hung up to every stable with the ONE stable hanger.
  9. You never know what will happen during a show, so ONE wrap cannot be missed. This self-adhesive, elastic bandaging tape can be used for multiple purposes. You can either bandage the hoof or knee, or wrap a few layers around a curb chain when the protector is broken. The possibilities are endless!
  10. A groom often has to take a lot of equipment with him to the showring. The ONE grooming backpack will make this task much easier. You can easily carry a riding helmet, whip, or spurs, but it offers space for a (show)jacket and extra leg protection as well. Additionally, your hands are free to build jumps during te warm up.

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